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Responsibility to Our

Responsibility to Our Customers

Thanks to the support of our stakeholders, the IDEC Group reached its 70th anniversary in November 2015.
One of the pillars in our management philosophy is, "Conducting business with consideration for social contribution". In order to realize corporate social contribution in the truest sense, each and every employee should realize that they are not simply continuing past work; instead, they should never forget the basic attitude of seeking constant self-improvement through ceaseless effort, "always cherishing the perspective of customers and responding with reliable technology".
We are convinced that this, above all, will give us the foundation to realize true corporate social contributions and open new possibilities worthy of the trust from customers.


We have established a page for general inquiries for our customers.

Personal Information Protection

The IDEC Group is aware of its important social responsibility to appropriately protect and handle information such as names, addresses, and email addresses of customers, suppliers, clients, etc. that identifies specific individuals.