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The basic pillar of IDEC's compliance is our unchanging corporate philosophy of "To be a right and fair company".
In addition to our Code of Conduct, we have prepared and distributed the "Compliance Case Q&As" that describes more specific cases based on internal and external examples, and we are sharing and permeating awareness of compliance throughout the organization.

IDEC Group Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct

Issue of Code of Conduct Ver. 3

The IDEC Group issued its Code of Conduct as a common code for All IDEC Group companies in 2001. We issued the Code of Conduct Ver. 3 in 2008, and the Code of Conduct for Group companies in China and Taiwan in 2011. We distributed it to executive officers and employees as the Group's common Code of Conduct both in Japan and abroad, and strive to disseminate it among all employees and strengthen compliance system.
In the term ending in March 2015, we distributed and promoted awareness of the revised Code of Conduct in line with revision of regulations pertaining to whistleblowing and harassment.

Other Initiatives for Strengthening of Compliance

Acquisition of Approval as an Authorized Exporter

IDEC Corporation has enacted the Regulations for Legal Compliance pertaining to Authorized Export Affairs and established a logistics management setup aimed at achieving compliance with the Customs Act and related legislation. As a result, we obtained approval by Osaka Customs as an "Authorized Exporter*1" based on the Authorized Exporters' Program on April 27, 2009 and received the letter of notification of authorization on May 12, 2009.
Looking forward, in addition to physical distribution management as an Authorized Exporter, we will seek to further strengthen compliance and improve the quality of security trade control in tandem with our overseas Group companies. Through these actions, we will enhance the credibility of the IDEC Group in international transactions.

*1 An enterprise that has been authorized as an exporter outstanding in the area of compliance in the Authorized Exporters' Program that was introduced by the Government of Japan with the goal of speeding up procedures in step with the growing sophistication of international physical distribution. Through receiving designation as an Authorized Exporter, merits can be anticipated in terms of speeding-up export affairs and so on.