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Responsibility to
Human rights and
Our Employees

Responsibility to Human Rights and Our Employees

HRM Policy

The IDEC Group practices "management with respect for humanity," which at its foundation "values people" and "nurtures people." We have established the HRM Policy, which indicates our basic concept concerning not only respect for human rights but also ability development, human resources development, personnel evaluation and treatment, support for fostering the next generation and so on. Moreover, in the Codes of Conduct, we stipulate our concept concerning respect for human rights and outline the Group's policies on this issue.

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Health Initiatives

In the IDEC Group, based on the awareness that the "physical and mental health" of employees and their families is the foundation for all things, we have established the IDEC Group Health Declaration and are promoting health initiatives based on this.

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Human Resources Development

In the IDEC Group, we look for human resources endowed with three qualities, i.e. "Take on challenges", "Team Player" and "Engage in self-improvement activities", and we train and appoint people who can carve out the present and future based on their own thinking with a sense of ownership.

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Life-Work Balance

Valuing the lives of our employees, the IDEC Group uses the phrase "life-work balance" rather than "work-life balance" and aims to create a workplace environment that will contribute to life enhancement. We have established mutual support systems to assist childcare, family nursing care and work by employees who have handicaps. In this way, we lay the foundations so that all employees can work without anxiety.

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Based on the concept of "management with respect for humanity", the IDEC Group strives to establish a working environment that respects diversity of nationalities, genders, cultures and lifestyles so that each and every employee having unique individuality and values can fully display their skills.

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