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Quality Assurance Policy

The quality we aim for lies in "ease of use." To ensure outstanding products that users will feel reassured to purchase and satisfied to use, as well as the technology to create these products in the most economic way, we have constructed a quality assurance system where all employees think and work together to achieve "IDEC known for Quality."

Towards Realization of "IDEC Known for Quality"

Since our beginnings, the IDEC Group "Quality Assurance Policy" has been founded on the tenet of "placing the value of products in quality" and the spirit of adhering to this and bringing it to a successful conclusion. Based on this Quality Assurance Policy, we establish guidelines for activities (Quality Assurance) that need to be executed in an organized fashion in each stage in order to provide products with quality that users can use continuously with trust and ample satisfaction for as long as they need.

Quality Assurance system