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Agriculture solution

agriGaLF application on aquaponics

The Challenge

An aquaponics specialist in Hawaii grows hydroponic lettuce in combination with fish through an aquaculture system. One of their organic products, Manoa lettuce native to Hawaii islands, is susceptible to tipburn problem which reduces the sellable product by 25%. Also it reduces growth which results in a smaller crop. The tropical island has warm irrigation water, 75 degree F (23.9 degree C) in the morning and 79 degree F (26 degree C) in the afternoon. This affects plant growth, and they needed to improve productivity and wanted to grow larger and sturdier lettuce, to eliminate the tipburn problem.

The Solution

IDEC's agriGaLF was installed on the storage tank containing the water from the fish and additional nutrients from which lettuce is irrigated. The DO levels rose immediately to the proper levels and after two weeks of operation, the tipburn problem disappeared. The sellable product increased by 25% and the grower was able to grow the lettuce with a higher EC which resulted in a firmer crop. The agriGaLF proved to be an effective solution for operations with warm irrigation water and low DO levels.

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